Retrolampe, industrial and vintage lighting

Reasons to buy a Retrolampe vintage lamp:

We are manufacturers of industrial and vintage lamps. We design and manufacture entirely our models. Our factory is located in Cuarte de Huerva-Zaragoza (Spain).

Our mission is to decorate the homes, wineries, shops, restaurants and bars with vintage, retro and industrial style with great originality and own personality.

All the Retrolampe products are high quality. They are CE certified.

Retrolampe offers also the possibility of designing and customizing exclusive models based on the clients’ tastes and needs, being always open to new proposals.

Lámparas vintage blanca en bodega

How to design and assemble your own vintage, retro and industrial lamp

Designing and assembling your own vintage, retro and industrial style lamp is possible with Retrolampe, since we have a line of lampshades to colocate over a balloon vintage bulb. The client can choose a lampshade, a vintage bulb and a pendant lamp holder, creating their own vintage lamp set.

If you are interested, we can supply all the pieces (lampshade, vintage led bulb and a pendant lamp holder) or you can combine our vintage lampshades with pieces of other brands. Definitely, you will create your own vintage lamp set with your own creativity, originality and personality.

For more information please write to or fill in our contact form and we will be delighted to provide you with more information and special conditions for professional clients.